Good(will) Sense: “Cost Per Wear” & Your Closet

Do you know what your clothing’s really worth? We’re not talking about the price – we’re talking about the “cost per wear.” A Good Look’s Emme Bonilla explains how a new calculation can really clear up your wardrobe:

Getting my money's worth at Goodwill!

Maybe some of you have heard about the cost per wear formula. If you haven’t, it goes a little like this:

Cost of item / number of times worn = cost per wear

What it boils down to is the more often you wear a shirt the more you are getting out of its value. And when you buy your clothes at Goodwill, you definitely optimize your style. Curious why? Keep reading…

Take those salmon J.Crew pants pictured above, for example. I bought them for $5.99 at Goodwill. I’ve worn them at least 6 or 7 times since purchasing them. That means the cost per wear is now under a dollar and it will be less and less the more I wear it.

For example, let’s look at all the items I got during my last visit to Goodwill (the Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique). Get ready to flex your math skills!

Don't let the shapeless fit fool you, this tunic is a dream...

This beautiful RACHEL Rachel Roy tunic was a surprise find. It didn’t look like much on the hanger, but when I tried it on I saw the endless outfit possibilities: with leggings and cute boots, belted, with skinny jeans, tucked under a skirt…

Rachel Roy’s diffusion line (sold at Macy’s) has a retail price range of $35-$180 dollars. A simple, unembellished tunic runs at $39, so let’s assume a $59 price on my reptile-print draped shirt with zipper embellishment. I snagged it for $12.99, a $33 dollar difference!

I can wear these up and down the Manhattan streets, nary a blister in sight

I have a soft spot for heels, and heels that you can actually walk in? Even better! The bright color of these Miz Mooz Lassen shoes caught my eye, the comfortable heel and barely-worn soles stole my heart – and you can’t believe how versatile these can be, whether providing a pop of color for a neutral outfit or adding another hue to your colorblocked look.

The shoe retails at $114.00, but you could find it on sale (in another color) for around $90 dollars. My price? $9.99, saving more than $80!

Can't wait to start busting out my glam tights when the temperatures cool!

I rounded out my spree with these metallic Gold Lurex tights from We Love Colors. I debated on purchasing them but then remembered that tights season is upon us soon and I’d be able to rock them with a LBD or add some flash to an otherwise muted ensemble. You can buy them off their website for $12. I paid $3.99, a third of the original price (and no shipping fees).

So, break out your calculators: 3 items retailing for around $151. At Goodwill – just $26.97. 

But wait! It gets even better: Remember the Customer Rewards Program? I’d been such a fervent customer this year that I’d accumulated over 100 points so far… which means that I received $10 off my purchase!  So yes, I ended up paying $16.97 for three great items and got an incredible deal.

Those reward cards are no joke!

To get your Goodwill rewards card (and $10 discount for $100 spent), fill out a form at any GoodwillNyNj store or go online to Shopping at Goodwill doesn’t just save you money. It’s simply Good(will) $ense!

P.S. There’s a huge denim sale going on through August 31st. I’m just sayin’. Go on, your essential jeans are waiting!


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