Fashion Blogs Galore!

We were recently scrolling through A Good Look’s fan comments and the blogs you guys keep – wow! These are fantastic! If you’re battling a case of the Monday and need some escapism, here are three Goodwill-commenter-blogs that caught our eye right away:

NiftyThriftyGoodwill ::

With a killer eye for fashion, this site's tagline is "how to look spectacular at astonishing prices" - & it certainly delivers!

FashionDIY101 ::

Can't find it? Make it. Jena's easy-to-follow projects start with thrift finds and end with style masterpieces.

Reclaimed Riches ::

With an eye for gorgeous vintage finds, this blog curates the kind of style you could live in forever.

If you’ve got a thrift/fashion/DIY blog you’d love us to swoon over, post your site’s URL in the comments below; we love seeing the Goodwill in action, so go, bloggers, go!


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