Goodwill Gem: Super Hot Summer Heels

Need a pair of sassy high-heeled shoes to spend the last sultry days of summer in? Why, look no further than your local Goodwill! This week GoodwillNyNj’s Lauren Haslett shows you how it’s done. Set your Goodwill Gem sights on this: a pair of super hot summer heels.

These saucy sandals will show off even your fanciest outfits (and you!) to their best advantage.

These black patent Aldo platforms are the definition of sassy. They scream seductive style maven as well as any pair of shoes could. The patent leather upper and metallic silver heel and platform give these sandals a saucy style all their own, even though the design of the shoe is similar to many others being worn on the streets right now.

This pair of sexy, super femme shoes will bring out your hidden heartbreaker in no time, while the stylish and comfortable platform will keep you from wishing you’d stashed a pair of flats in your bag before dashing out to your next big shindig.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Or so my mama always used to tell me. The key is to flaunt it in a classy, yet come-hither way that keeps everyone guessing. A fashion-forward, confident girl, like any savvy Goodwill shopper must be, could pull these sandals off with nearly anything.

But how, exactly, to wear them? Think about contrast to keep the eye guessing. For example, pair them with a shorter piece on the bottom – sure a miniskirt is fun, but it’s so predictable. How about shorts?

There's nothing sassier than curve-ball fashion. Pair sky high heels with shorts and you'll turn heads wherever you go.

Whether you go miniskirt or shorts, though, let your top half breathe with a fuller, more voluminous top. The greater coverage above will keep the entire ensemble playful, while your legs look as long and lean.

How do you plan to wear your super hot summer heels? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Gem: Super Hot Summer Heels

    1. Great suggestions! Heels are fantastic with Capri’s because they’ll lengthen your legs, especially if your heels are match your skin tone. And with tapered pants, heels will make the leg look slimmer – perfect with super-fitting pants that could otherwise leave the eye glued to broad hips. Thanks for the spot-on feedback, Heels for All!


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