Goodwill Gem: The Retro Purse

Summer calls for a bag that’s as easy as the rest of your cool, warm weather wardrobe. This week, GoodwillNyNj’s Lauren Haslett sashays into her local Goodwill to find her newest Goodwill Gem: the too hip to quit retro purse.

This straight-edged bag is polished in its lines and colors, but funky in its throwback shape/

This week’s fabulous find – a two-tone time-traveling leather bag – is the perfect tote to pair with your most laid-back summer essentials. Its perfectly proportioned pockets and stark rectangular shape will keep you looking professional, but the bag’s throwback appeal hints your life’s more runway than water cooler. With its structured look and classic construction, this purse adds wit and purpose to those loose, flowy seasonal pieces.

So what kind of outfit would you pair with this purse?

It would top off a brilliant, office-appropriate look is thrown on over a simple tee and wide-leg pants in a cool, flowing silk or other similar fabric.

Or… A bright summer sundress also makes a lush backdrop for a mod little square bag.

Pair the purse's hard lines with feminine frills for a look that's totally here & now.

A vivid hue behind it will allow this white and tan bag to really stand out, and the easy flowing lines of a breezy summer dress are the ideal way to wear such a structured bag, without making your whole ensemble appear too stuffy for the season’s heat. A funky beaded necklace in shades of white, cream and brown ties this look together. Presto – retro purse magic!

Have you found a “retro” Goodwill Gem lately? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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