Optimal Play: The Peasant Skirt

Flounces for all! In this week’s Optimal Play, A Good Look’s Emme Bonilla makes the most of a standard wardrobe standby: the peasant skirt. Take a look at three completely different ways to groove this look – and get ready to get the most Optimum Play out of your next Goodwill find:

Look 1: Tank + skirt = optimal breathability

A year ago or so, while browsing at the Livingston Street Goodwill in Brooklyn, I spotted a flash of red fabric. When I pulled the hanger I was delighted with my find: the bright color, the breezy cotton, the elastic waistband, the pretty embroidery and trimming… and for $5! It’s quickly become one of my summer staples for its ease and style. Thank goodness there are so many different ways to wear it…

Look 1: Low Slung, Low Key (photo above)

For a stroll in the park and a nap in the sun, nothing beats the simplicity of a tank and this flowy skirt. A beaded necklace and a pile of bangles dresses give it some flash. Slip on your favorite sandals and don’t forget the shades!

Look 2: This entire outfit is thrifted, head to toe!!

Look 2: Leggy Love

For a sassy spin and major leg mileage, hike up the skirt to your waist (any higher and you risk public indecency). A fitted black top tempers the fullness of the skirt. A metallic belt defines your waist and sky high platforms kick it up a notch. Your date won’t stop staring!

Look 3: Keep the rest of the accessories simple, the skirt-as-a-top is enough of a statement!

Look 3: On Top of It

Wait, is that a…? As a…? Yes it is! This skirt pulls double (triple, quadruple…) duty and proves that with a little imagination you can get the most of each wardrobe piece.

The key for this look is to define your waist with a wide belt and pull all the fabric into a flattering shape. Pair it with skinny jeans to keep the bottom half of your body streamlined. Add saucy leopard heels and head to the nearest fiesta. After all, remember when I marveled about the elastic waist? Here’s why: it stays put, even with vigorous booty-shaking!

How would you spin this skirt? Have you found your summer skirt yet? Let us know by commenting, tweeting or posting on our fan page!


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