Goodwill Essentials: the Perfect Pair of Jeans

Our Emme must have denim on her mind! After last week’s Optimal Play post where she styled flared jeans not one but three flawless ways, it seems she’s felt inspired to continue the denim kick. Lucky us – and hopefully you’ll feel the same. In this Goodwill Essentials post, get ready to find out how to pick that ultimate wardrobe staple: the perfect pair of jeans.


Ever since the 50s, blue jeans have been a key piece of the American wardrobe. They are the pinnacle of casual wear and what we gravitate to once the weekend is upon us. We wear them again and again and again and they get better with age, an ability few items can brag about. Lucky for you, there are tons of pre-loved denim jeans to pick from at your local Goodwill!

Why is it essential?

Much like our #1 Goodwill Essential (the LBD), a pair of jeans is an incredibly versatile garment that can be dressed up or down and appropriate for a multitude of occasions. Preppy, rocker, hippie, glam…the jean transitions easily between these looks with ease. Jeans are always in style, and that’s the mark of a true essential.

Whether you like a more dramatic flare or you prefer a straight cut jean, there are plenty of options to choose from.

How to find your own perfect pair:

  • The Goodwill denim rack is always chock-full of options. I like to zero in on the wash (dark, light, colored) and then check the size.
  • Next, I look them over to make sure they don’t have details like embellished pockets or excessive distressing. Clean, simple designs have a longer life in your wardrobe.
  • After I check if the inseam is the right length, I try them on for the ultimate fit test.

Buying jeans at Goodwill requires two things: time and patience. I would recommend giving yourself at least one hour for browsing and trying on. If you’re super goal-oriented, here are a few tips to keep your search as brief (and successful) as possible:

  • The most versatile jean you could own is a bootcut fit in a dark rinse. This allows you to dress it up our down without much effort.
  • Look for jeans that have a bit of stretch to them. Tags that mention 1 to 2% spandex are good finds. They will fit better and hold up longer after washing.
  • Know your waist/hip size before you go. Many denim companies use those measurements for sizing. Also keep in mind if the jeans are high or low rise, as that can alter the size.

While you are searching, consider eyeing a few other styles that will get plenty of use too:

  1. a light rinse/faded boyfriend (read: loose and comfortable) jean for a relaxed weekend getup
  2. sexy skinny jeans that can be worn with sandals in the summer, tucked into boots in the winter
  3. super flared jeans which you can wear a myriad of ways
  4. trouser-style jeans are a little more dressed up and are a great causal Friday work choice

Dark rinse jeans look more refined than their lighter wash counterparts. Snatch up a pair today!

And once you have a great fitting pair of jeans…? Here are a few of my favorite jeans+top combos:

  • A classic white t-shirt with a colorful linen scarf, paired with a great pair of wedges
  • A button down shirt tucked in the jeans and pretty metallic flats
  • A soft chambray shirt in a lighter, contrasting wash for a double denim look
  • A very prim blouse with sexy stiletto heels
  • A striped boatneck shirt and large round sunglasses, tres chic
  • A cropped shirt paired with high rise jeans – for the fearless and fashion-forward, midriff-baring is back

For more denim fashion inspiration, check out these denim-specific blogs: eat.sleep.denim and Denim Therapy.

Step right up! Your perfect jean is waiting for you!

What is your favorite pair of jeans? How do you like to wear them? Share with us, post a picture, spread the love with #AGoodLook on Instagra, Twitter and Facebook!

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