Living the Goodwill Life: An Interview with Beautiful Existence

Beautiful Existence has quite a name, and she’s managed to more than live up to it. For a full year, Beautiful is buying everything (except food & medicine) at Goodwill – and, not only that, she’s documenting her journey (along with Total Savings tallies) all along the way.

Beautiful Existance's beautiful savings - and that doesn't even mention the landfill space!

Last month we posted the first half of our interview with this incredible, inspirational woman, touching on the hardest parts of the challenge as well as the benefits of reshaping one’s life to make a difference. Here, in part two of the interview, we talk about the big elephant in the room: what will Beautiful’s life post-Living the Goodwill Life look like?

So, here’s the big question – what will life after the Goodwill life hold? Is there a year-in-the-life memoir/movie coming out in the future a la Thrift Donate Love?

Yeah, that would be awesome!  Great idea for sure!  Honestly though, I have not even gotten that far.  I’ve been told many times by different people that Goodwill International should pick up Living the Goodwill Life (and me) and move it forward in the future because there is such a big Thrift-public out there!  But, I’m a person that lets the universe lead me in the right direction (well, sometimes I push a little) so I’m just going to keep focused on providing the best information (and entertainment) I can on the challenge right now and see where the chips fall.  *fingers crossed*

Beyond crossing fingers for the blockbuster release, what are your plans for when this year is over?

Well, I do have a couple of ideas I’ve been kicking around to approach Goodwill with.  But my current nonprofit job is on contract until September 1st, so I cannot even think about something different until after that date (which is actually coming up fast).  So again, I will put my ear out there to see what’s possible… know of any good screen writers/movie directors???  🙂

Have you ever been to a Goodwill in the New York / New Jersey area?

No, but I would love to!  Honestly, I’ve only flown into LaGuardia and Newark for airline connections and I’ve been to the absolutely beautiful Hudson River Valley in the fall but I’ve never been to NY city?!  Which is hard to believe knowing me because I -HEART- Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I always watch the Times Square New Years celebration, I desperately love Dean & Deluca and two of my favorite fashion bloggers (Living Fly on a Dime and Tomboy Style) are both in NY!  Besides you just opened up a boutique that seems to be all the rage with thrifters… If I had a choice for my next Goodwill visit, NY/NJ would DEFINITELY be on top of that list!  Again, I will see what’s in the cards for the next 6 months, you never know?!!

Having never been, what do you imagine our Goodwills would be like?

I imagine it would be AWESOMENESS! I’ve known quite a few friends that have lived in NY city and they all had amazing taste (it seems like living in NY usually = fashionable) so I’m sure there are lots of designer choices up for grabs!

What are your hopes for your sons regarding this project? What would you most like them to take away from it all as he grows up and makes their own way in the world?

My older son (who’s 11) has been thrifting with me and/or his Nana his entire life and LOVES it!  He learned early on that he could make his allowance go a lot further in a thrift store, AKA MORE TOYS!  Besides… to keep him entertained as we shopped he would usually pick out a toy and play with it in the cart and if he was good we would buy it for him.  The same is now true for my younger son and he also sees the excitement of his older brother in the thrift store so it’s pretty much guaranteed that the younger one will learn the same joys.  Earlier this spring I interviewed three generations of Goodwill-shoppers and they confirmed what I always knew about my own family… the family that thrifts together stays together! 

Whatever my children end up doing or becoming in their lives… if the one thing they know is that they can take their mom out to a thrift-store for an afternoon of shopping with them (like we do with their Nana) and that bonding time will be one of the most special times I could ever ask for in life, then I’ve done a good job raising them!  (if THAT statement alone is not THRIFT PRAY LOVE movie worthy… I don’t know what is!!)

Alright memoir-movie-makers, start calling! While the film producers and book agents court Beautiful, why don’t you come share what you like to shop for at Goodwill? Visit us on Twitter and Facebook – we love hearing from you!


2 thoughts on “Living the Goodwill Life: An Interview with Beautiful Existence

    1. Thanks Beautiful! It’s such a pleasure getting to know you and watching your amazing journey as you live the Goodwill life!


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