Goodwill Gems: Sun, Fun & Summer Day Parties

Looking for a way to take your summer party attire from basic casual to stylish best? Look no further than your local Goodwill store! Our Lauren Haslett ducks into her local store with one goal in mind: find an on-trend Goodwill Gem perfect for sunny summer parties.

These of-the-moment platform sandals are just the right shoes to finish of your festive party look.

These chunky wood platforms, for example, are a major throwback to 1970s style – a big trend this summer. The matching hues of leather and wood make them the kind of neutral summer shoe you can pair with countless options. And the same goes for their simple design and clean lines. The sturdy heel makes these kicks ideal for walking, so though the heels are high, you can spend the day out in these without regretting it later.

You could easily wear a shoe like this all summer long, but since I was lucky enough to stumble on them right before a big summer holiday (I mean, really. How lucky could a girl be?!), I thought I’d try pairing them with a festive, 4th of July barbecue party look I’d been planning. Really, though, shoes like these will work for any outdoor summer event.

With the new 70s-inspired sandals and a simple and effortless sundress, I’m ready to celebrate, summer-style!

Aside from looking chic, I of course want an ensemble that is cool and comfortable, since I’ll be outside catching some rays. The solution? An easy, effortless sundress, of course. This color-blocked number is short enough to be sassy, but still look enough to let me run around at the beach or on a friend’s rooftop without revealing too much. The cool white top of the dress is made out of breathable cotton, and the navy bottom has a few flattering pleats at the waist to conceal anything I might want to keep under wraps (especially after pigging out on burgers and other delicious picnic fare all day).

After adding a dash of bright red with a necklace and dressing up this casual piece with my bold new heels, I’ve got a great outfit to celebrate my summer holiday in – and it’s subtle enough I could easily use this ensemble for the next sunny BBQ or city cruise that comes my way. Here’s to summer – and all the fun, festive fashion it allows!

What Goodwill gem have you found lately? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


2 thoughts on “Goodwill Gems: Sun, Fun & Summer Day Parties

  1. I recently picked up an awesome pair of new, black, low Laredo cowboy boots on 1/2 off day for $12. I plan on wearing them to Goodwill of Central Arizona’s Evening of Goodwill- Denim and Diamonds is the theme. Now I need the perfect outfit to go with them!


  2. Hi Lisa – you lucky cowgirl you! We’ve seen them paired with everything from jean skirts to prairie dresses to mod shift dresses in bright primary colors… The options are endless. What kind of outfit are you thinking?


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