Help on Yelp: Please Speak Up for Thrift!

Have you had a good experience at your Goodwill lately? Please let Yelp know! So many people carry outdated, ill-fitting stereotypes about thrift stores. You and GoodwillNyNj, well, of course we know better. Let’s spread the word!

Thrift fans and donation superstars: We need your help on Yelp!

Come speak up and share your good Goodwill experiences on Yelp’s store pages. We would really appreciate it, and so would Mother Earth, would-be-thrifters and your community. Just visit and search for your local Goodwill to post a review and speak up for thrift. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Help on Yelp: Please Speak Up for Thrift!

  1. I left a 5 star rating for one of my favorite locations in Phoenix. I might
    have to set a aside some time to rate the many stores I frequent, in Arizona and throughout the U.S. This might take a month!


    1. Great job, Lisa! Your Goodwill will be thrilled – those reviews really do help us out a lot. Now we’ve just got to get our awesome New York & Northern New Jersey shoppers following your lead!


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