Trend Watch Thrifting: Those Summer Whites

Trend or just a human truth?: When temperatures rise, we shed our heavy, dark, cover-upping wardrobe and yearn for the exact opposite. In this week’s Trend Watch Thrifting, GoodwillNyNj’s resident thrift expert Emme Bonilla takes a look at all the light, white, feel-the-breeze fashion finds that mark this summer’s stunning and steamy arrival:
(clockwise from top left) Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Diesel, and Bottega Veneta were just a few of the designers that embraced white hues for their S/S 2011 collections. (Photos by

It seems this season, one trend holds true: the hotter the weather, the whiter the clothes. These light and easy pieces that work best with large sunglasses and a body of water nearby. And the best part of this white-out? Your local Goodwill is stocked solid with white finds of all kinds – all, of course, at much cooler prices than haute runway designs. Curious to see what you can find? Take a look:

A linen jacket and a classic v-neck cotton top are white hot!

Keep in Mind:

  • Light, breathable fabrics – Cotton, linen, and other open-weave materials will help you look cool and feel cool.
  • Relaxed, easy fit – You don’t want to show what’s underneath in too tight clothes!
  • Spot the stains – Look over all garments thoroughly. If you find a mark or discoloration, assess the situation. If it’s dust or dirt, it will probably come off easily. Otherwise, pass. (But if you love the fit AND the price, grab a bottle of fabric dye and get crafty!)
An embroidered cotton top or a breezy linen button down are always on trend!

Wearing the Trend:

  • Pair Different Textures – A great way to wear head to toe white without going overboard is playing with fabrics. A silky top looks great with linen shorts. A lacy skirt is tempered by a crisp button down. A braided leather belt is the finishing touch to an embroidered tunic.
Mix and match the tops above with either of these summer staples: the perfectly worn in denim shorts or the flirty full skirt.
  • Accessorize with Color – Any shade of color will pop against a white background: bright bangles or sandals will look sensational with an all-white ensemble.
Think how these shades will pop against the white - summer style perfection!


  • Sparkle with Metallic Touches – While natural leather would lend a laid-back vibe, gold and silver pumps that glimmer guarantee a glamorous look.
Diamonds on the soles of your shoes? With a white outfit and metallic heels, anything is possible.
For Work
  • Button-Up with a Dark-Hued Blazer – Lightweight trousers and a white top, topped with a navy blue or dark colored blazer looks professional and stylish.


  • Streamline with a Signature Piece – A simple white dress can be another versatile option. With a jaunty scarf or a statement brooch, you will look in charge and impeccably chic.
For work (left) or for play (right) don't underestimate the power of the LWD - the little white dress, that is!

What white summer wonders have you discovered at Goodwill? Share the thrill of the hunt with us by commenting, following us on Twitter or posting on our Facebook Page.


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