Goodwill Gems: Woo-Hoo for Wedges

Sizzling pavement, it’s heating up out there – time to find some new-to-you shoes! A Good Look’s Lauren Haslett couldn’t agree more, so she visited her local Goodwill with one goal in mind: wedges. Look at what she found, and learn how she plans to wear ’em right here:

These sassy wedges are bursting with color on the inside & neutral style on the outside - a perfect combo for summer strolls!

Woo-hoo for wedges! This week’s gem is a sweet little pair of these in-style shoes. Cute with summer’s shortest shorts, pretty skirts, and even the occasional pair of pants (if you can stand the heat), these darling wedged sandals are the perfect addition to your cool, comfy and charming summer wardrobe.

While any pair of peep-toed, strappy wedge sandals would be a find, this pair is especially fabulous for their neutral shade (read: they will go well with everything). Still, there’s more to these kicks than meets the eye, and the bright pink pop of color inside adds to their fun factor and peeps out under your instep in a very flirtatious way – like a little wink of style!

So how to wear them?: Dress up or down. What makes these soft, muted sandals so utterly fantastic is not just the fact that their color makes them wearable with any pattern or color palate (though that is a great perk).

This breezy look is as bright and summery as can be!

Like most of awesome finds I manage to dig up at local Goodwills, these will look adorable with any number of outfits. But nothing could be easier than the ensemble I threw on here – a soft skirt in a mood-brightening color and a cool white tank will look instantly more polished with my pretty new pair of wedges on to finish off the outfit, and with a long strand of beads or curve-hugging belt, I’d be ready to go anywhere from the office to a picnic in the park.

What Goodwill gem have you found lately? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!

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