What’s Behind that Goodwill Find?

We’re happiest when we’re thrifting. Our fashion evokes the past but takes care of the future – we can go head-to-toe paisley to channel hippie style while actually reducing carbon imprint by opting out of the new clothing production cycle. And best of all, we’re fashion curators, collage artists of brands and eras, and no one can capture our style.

It's easy to look good when you thrift - and it's easy to do good when you shop Goodwill.

But there’s more than meets the eye when you’re thrifting at Goodwill…

Every pair of designer shoes you spot for a sliver of a mainstream store’s price, every 1980s off the shoulder powder blue sweatshirt looking boss on the racks, every was-that-supposed-to-be-ironic t-shirt glimmering with hipster hope – every purchase you make supports our programs and services to get people in your community back into the economic mainstream. Find out how your shopping and donating choices make a difference on our new blog, Where the Goodwill Goes.

Please stop by and comment, either right here below, on Where the Goodwill Goes or on our Facebook Fan Page, about which programs you’re the most interested in learning more about. We look to you for style finds all the time and we’d love your feedback on this, too. Thank you – and keep on rocking in the thrift world, you style-inspirers, you!

To find your local Goodwill, you can search by neighborhood in our Guide to GoodwillNyNj or by zipcode on our website. Hope to see you soon!


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