Goodwill Gems: Summer Style To Go

Wherever you plan to go this summer, chances are, you’re going somewhere (local shore or local store, every summer trip counts!). Leave an impression with a signature style item – a Goodwill Gem, perhaps! A Good Look’s Lauren Haslett found just the thing at one of her fav Goodwills throughout the NY/NJ area. In fact, she’s such a fan, she thinks you should get one too… Check it out:

A lightweight scarf like this one is a wardrobe must-have & a smart accessory for inside A/C & breezy summer nights.

You may think, “Really? A scarf for summer?” But I promise you, you can use a little piece like this far more than you think, even in the hot, humid summer weather. Whether your plans are last-minute or planned down to the minute, whether they include spontaneous road trips, lying on the beach with a good book or picnicking in the park, you will need a pretty, all-purpose scarf to get you through. Here’s why and, even more importantly, how…:

This pink, fringed scarf is pretty enough to wear your head, as a wrap, or use as a makeshift picnic blanket (for a small, romantic picnic for two, anyway). The brightly colored, flowered motif makes it the perfect piece to always have on hand, no matter which of your favorite summer outfits you’re wearing. And the strands of shimmery gold thread running through it make add that extra feminine, fancy touch, making it a piece you can easily wear for a special night out, as well as during the day.

To wear it as a swimsuit wrap, simply fold it in half, pull it around your hips, and tie in a knot on one side.

To use as a picnic blanket, simply stash it in your go-to summer tote or wear it around until needed (I doubt you smart people need even that much instruction on this one, but I couldn’t leave that idea out of this section altogether).

Finally, to wear it with your favorite summertime ensemble: a lightweight, sparkling scarf is a nice enough piece to wear out in the evening, but it looks just as cute with a casual outfit, like these cut-off shorts and a soft tank with feminine detailing.

A scarf transforms this casual outfit into something special.

Here I’ve thrown on one of mine, cut-off jean shorts and a lacy taupe tank – you can wear it one of a few ways. Wear it farm-girl style, folded into a square, then tied at the back of the neck, so that you form a little triangle at your front. Or, to wear it more like a headband, twist the scarf into a rope, then pull around the crown of your head and knot it at the nape of your neck. No matter which of these many options you choose, you’re sure to go off on your next summer excursion looking super stylish and ultra-prepared for whatever the trip throws your way!

What’s your favorite thrifted scarf find? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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