GoodwillNyNj’s Guide to Thrifting, Part 4: Tackling the Thrift Marathon

Think you know the ins and outs of thrifting? Our How to Thrift thrift expert Emme Bonilla has covered the 20-Minute Thrift Run and the 60-minute Tour du Thrift, but how about the full-day event? Are you prepped for the possibilities of a wide open schedule + a tour of Goodwills? If that sounds more overwhelming than exciting, here’s what you need to know before jumping in…

Take the Thrift Marathon Challenge: One day, all thrift. Thrift expert Emme shows how.

Don’t be nervous, thrifting newbies; having the luxury of time means you can have some real fun! More time also means more opportunities to comb through the racks. Going over every item guarantees that no treasure will go unearthed. This also means that you can try things that you wouldn’t normally consider, either because of time concerns or silly style prejudice.

Regarding time – some items like button-down shirts and dresses can be very time-consuming to try on and rushing that will only get you frustrated. Give yourself the luxury of finding perfect jeans by trying as many pairs as you can carry. When you stumble on the designer pair made to fit your body for a sliver of its original price, you’ll discover firsthand why avid thrifters will never go back to the world of mainstream retail stores.

Now, regarding style – maybe the fabric caught your attention but the dress doesn’t seem like much on the hanger. Maybe the shirt is a boat neck and you’ve heard that neckline is not “flattering” for your body type but you love the color. Maybe you said “Never!” to a romper, but you can’t resist a polka-dot print…

Just like some clothes are no-longer-needed, so are some style prejudices. You’ve got all the time in the world – try your fashion no-nos on for size; you may be very surprised at what you find!

Of course, sometimes we aren’t lucky with our shopping expeditions and don’t find anything worth taking home. The beauty of shopping at Goodwill is that new merchandise is put out all the time. Circle back often and you’ll be rewarded.

Pro Thrifting Tip: Even if you don’t score a find, make your time worthwhile by taking with you to the store a bag of clothes for donation. Fashion karma totally works and you’ll be surprised by the goodies you get when you give. (And don’t forget to keep those receipts for tax-deduction purposes!)

My badge of honor - here's to Team Thrift!

And now that you’re an expert thrifter too, don’t forget: Goodwill also has a Customer Rewards Program! When you enroll, you gain reward points for every purchase which add up for discounts! I just got my keychain card in the mail.

What treasures have you discovered at your local Goodwill? Come share in the comments here, on the A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj Facebook Page or over at @GoodwillNyNj. Ciao!


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