Goodwill Gems: Little Wonder

Beautiful things come in small packages. Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett headed off to her local Goodwill on a hunt for looks for the little items that make a big impression. Read on to find out what she found… and, just as important, how she plans to wear it:

A classic color combination, this simple gold ring with a big turquoise “gem” will add a little warmth to any summertime ensemble.

Shoes and bags are key to setting your style, but these big, basic accessories aren’t the only ones out there. Look closer. Smaller details have a massive impact on an overall look – if you know just what to add to make your outfit pop, that is.

This week’s Goodwill gem is actually that – a gem! This gold and turquoise cocktail ring is a sweet little piece that no one will ever guess came from my favorite local thrift – my neighborhood Goodwill store! The oversized turquoise “stone” is a bright and eye-catching focal point – and an easy color to pair with many others – while the delicate gold border and band give the ring a very feminine feel, as well as a kind of old-world allure. This fab jewelry find is large enough to get noticed, but still subtle enough to add class and sophistication to an ensemble without taking attention away from whatever chic ensemble I’ve put together to pair with it.

My new ring captures the light fun of this maxi's bold pattern, adding hippie glam to the look.

So how should you wear this pretty piece of old-fashioned charm (or one just like it)?

This ring’s warm gold and cool turquoise color combo are reminiscent of a stretch of shore at sunset, and such beachy hues are the perfect statement against summer’s bright whites, as well as with sandy tans or soft browns. For an easy, vacation-ready look, try this wearing a gem like this one with a simple white cotton sundress, or with a pair of cropped white pants and a soothing blue top.

If you’re feeling a little less zen and little more adventurous, consider building upon that basic idea by wearing this statement ring with a boldly patterned dress instead of a crisp white. Use the hippie feel of an opaque gem stone to add fun and a focal point to an outfit built on a patterned floor-length dress. The black maxi worn here looks fresh and summery thanks to the its daring floral print, and its cool blues, greens, purples and hint of warm yellow go perfectly with my new jewelry find.

What tiny find makes a big impact on your style? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey


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