Goodwill Gems: Good Morning Sunshine

What better way to say hello to fine weather than with a whimsical new pair of wedges? Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett decided to pay her respects to Mama Sunshine with a visit to her local Goodwill. Read on to find out what she found… and, just as important, how she plans to wear it:

These cute wedges will look great with everything in my summer wardrobe, from casual shorts and tanks to flirty silk dresses.

As if beautiful weather weren’t enough, whimsical wedges are a great reason to bring out all your fabulous skirts and shorts. This pretty pair I recently found at my local Goodwill really has it all. The wedge heel adds a little funkiness to whatever ensemble you add them to, but also makes these shoes easy to walk in. The bright color combo’ll take you through summer and into fall (they are closed-toe, after all), and the leaf pattern on the side makes them the perfect thing to pair with all of summer’s breezy florals. Could you ask for anything more?

Now – what to wear them with…

Brighten up a tried-and-true look. An a-line skirt flatters just about every shape, and this one has been a staple in my closet for years now. Though it does, of course, go with just about any top you can imagine, it’s also fun to try such a neutral bottom with a fun and quirky pair of shoes like these. The flowered tank ties the whole outfit together by repeating the blue and brown from the shoes, as well as the natural pattern.

You can't help but smile with new-to-you shoes & a whole week full of sunshine!

Separates are super easy to mix and match to get the right look, but these shoes would look just as cute and be just as much of a stand-out piece with a cool, comfy pair of shorts, or with some dressier cropped pants and flowy, patterned blouse instead. Have some fun – the shoes, sunshine & coming summer practically demand it!

What Spring find has made you a smilin’ fool in the sunshine? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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