A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj’s Boutique Banner Contest

Time flies when you’re thrifting! It’s been a full week since we opened our newest shop, the Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique. Have you been? If so, send us your photos for A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj’s Boutique Banner Contest!

Will this be our new blog banner photo? Probably not... But it might be your perfect spring wardrobe!

We’re looking to replace the header image here at A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj with a shiny new pic from the Goodwill Boutique – a great way for us to show off our store, and a great way for your to show off your fashion photography skills! You’ll get a photo credit on our blog, an interview post with links to your site, and our undying love and affection. Who could ask for more?

To start the Boutique Banner ball rolling, here are a few Boutique photos that our Goodwill team snapped at last Wednesday’s event… Enjoy!:

Bags galore - all in great condition and all at a fantastically affordable price!

Speaking of handbags, how about this baby? Does that look like Spring, or what?

Shoes of all shapes, kinds, and straps. Who doesn't need some strappy sandals for the summer flings to come?

We swooned at these man's legit leather shoes - shoe-shaper included! - for just $29.999

But what about the kiddies? We've got them covered, too - and then some... What a spread!

Finally, for us, this photo says it all - $69.99 for a Vera Wang gown? Only at Goodwill.

We’ll be posting these and other Boutique shots on our Facebook Fan Page this week, but please chime in and enter your own in our Boutique Banner Contest. We’d love to have one of our thrift fans take the spotlight space on our blog. Please, throw your awesome secondhand hat in the ring and post or tweet us your Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique pic before May 15th! Thanks, Goodwill fans – and happy thrifting!

Goodwill Greenwich Village Boutique

44 West 8th Street (b/t 6th Ave. & MacDougal)

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