Goodwill Gems: Pumps for the Posies

April showers bring May flowers – and the ability to wear cute shoes again without risking water damage. Whew! Our Goodwill Gem columnist Lauren Haslett hit her local Goodwill to find a pair of heels wild enough to rival the posies sprouting up around her. Looks like she found the perfect pair… Take a look:

These heels are ideal for any lady looking to take her style up a step. Fem, fashionable and cool without being too showy, these shoes will instantly become your go-to pair for any fabulous occasion.

Say hello to spring, summer and super outdoor parties, with a new pair of shoes. Nothing welcomes a new season quite as well as new shoes. With warm, sunny weather here and promises of even better weather to come, it’s time to get your outdoor party wardrobe in shape. Trekking around the city can really do a number on your shoes, which is why it’s key to have several pairs that are not only cute but comfortable. But going through pair after pair of designer kicks can get pretty expensive pretty quickly, so what’s a girl to do? Turn to her local Goodwill store, of course, for party-perfect shoes that she doesn’t have to shell out her every dollar to buy!

This week, I found the ideal pair of party shoes for spring, summer, or any season really. Black leather with a little kitten heel, these are soft, comfortable and easy to walk those city streets in. But the details are what give these shoes their stylish edge. A scalloped design cut along the outer edges adds a feminine flair, while the tiny gold studs add just a bit of bling (and a more modern feel, to boot). Best of all, they cost less than any non-thrifter could fathom. Sounds like a wise investment to me!

How many ways can you wear them? Too many ways to count! Try this simple yet gorgeous idea: a solid, but neon bright skirt that flows to the knee (like the one pictured here, which you can twist and twirl a whole day or night away in) with a solid blank tank, tee or halter.

Gracefully easy, this ensemble gets points for its girly, pretty looks and comfy, cool, wearable style.

You can easily swap out different styles of tops depending on how hot the day is, but the halter I’ve chosen here is a great style to show off my figure, and makes the outfit a little flirtier rather than dowdy, since the skirt is longer and more demure – and don’t forget those sassy rockstar shoes will kick this up a notch, too. Still, if you’re not a fan of black on a sunny summer day, try a bright white top and a black bag, black and gold bangles, or other black and gold accessory instead. The look will still look lovely and pulled together by picking up the color of the shoes somewhere up top, but you won’t be sweltering in a dark, heat-grabbing piece.

Have you shopped Goodwill for new-to-you Spring shoes yet? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!

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