Goodwill Gems: Go Green for Earth Day!

Could it be… is Spring finally here? Welcome those tree buds with some green of your own & bring your wardrobe into the Earth Day celebration! Our GoodwillNyNj columnist Lauren Haslett is all about green this week – saving green (affordability!), being green (reuse!), and wearing green (vibrant lime-hued pocketbooks!) – all thanks to her local Goodwill. Check it out:

Practical as well as pretty, this leafy green clutch is the perfect new bag to hold all of your cards, cash and other essentials until fall rolls around again.

Now that semi-decent weather has finally arrived, it might be safe to go ahead and switch out all those winter clothes for your warm-weather set – or better yet, if you can swing it, donate them! Regardless of how you made the wardrobe shift, a new season’s hunt for vibrant spring accessories is in order! After all, you’ll need a few fabulous final touches to go with those colorful warm-weather clothes. Ready to take a peek at how best to bring the spring into your closet? Follow me!

Pull out your old favorites! Because my fabulous find for the week is a sassy faux-croc clutch in a brilliant lime green (for just $10 at my local Goodwill – incredible!). Smart and simply styled, this purse could be worn with anything from a cocktail dress to a standard work suit and look appropriate. But the dazzling green exterior does make me think of a look that’s a little more fun than a boring old office outfit. The color of new green leaves, this purse is the ideal mate with almost any spring ensemble.

So what to pair with a smart, vibrant, eye-catching accessory like this? You can, of course, go with neutrals (you can never go wrong there), and this purse would stand out against an elegant, monochromatic palate. Or….:

Spring has sprung - and my wardrobe is ready to match it!

If head-to-toe in one hue isn’t really your thing, step out, pocketbook-in-hand, in a bold floral print. In my ensemble above, I’m still wearing the ubiquitous, all-season, cropped black pants – after all, it isn’t quite shorts weather yet. But with a loose, light floral top that screams springtime, and with my vivid green clutch of course, I’ve instantly got a fresh new look!

I love bringing the colors of Spring into my closet – bright verdant greens, delicate pinks, fiery orange-reds; ahh, how I  love spring! And you really can’t do better than a glowing green accessory for an Earth Day night out, don’t you think?

What Goodwill Gem of yours is coming along for your Earth Day fun this Friday? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!


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