The Goodwill Challenge: Beautiful Existence

Could you go a full year buying everything (except food & medicine) at Goodwill? Beautiful Existence is doing just that. Why? Well, not only because she wants a challenge, but also because she wants to decrease the waste buying new products creates. She also wants to limit consumerism, save money, meet others who enjoy the “thrill of the hunt” and shop at a store that gives back to her community.

Saving money, helping the community & inspiring others? Sounds like a beautiful existence to us!

We think Beautiful’s amazing and we want her to succeed. Expect to see our you-can-do-it comments on her blog soon. You can read the full story over at Komo News – and you can follow the incredible Beautiful Existence on her blog Living the Goodwill Life.

So which of you Empire & Garden State-ers are up to the Challenge?

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