Cashmere Cozy: Cuddle Up in Goodwill

Snow Day! But if you’re among the many that still have to work today, bring your comfort to the office with an oversize cashmere cardigan. GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan, author of Colors, etc., was blue last week, but this week, he’s found something huge to smile about: his favorite feel-good crazy-soft secondhand sweater. Here is one piece you’re sure to find at your local Goodwill – and sure to cuddle up with all winter long:

Ah cashmere!

I found this old and tattered cashmere sweater a long time ago at a thrift store. I’m sure my first inclination was to throw it away, but for some reason I kept onto it. I suppose I saw the charm in it, and I’m certainly glad that I did. This is really one of my absolute favorite items that I own. It’s very soft and comfortable, but it’s adorned with a myriad of holes all throughout. I’ve been meaning to do something with the holes, like embroider around them or something, but I’m afraid that I’ll mess something up. Sometimes the best part of a secondhand find is celebrating how well-loved and lived-in it’s been.

My favorite sweater EVER! It's sooo comfy.

It’s a XX-Large, which means it’s very big. I often wear it at home in pajamas in the fall and winter. A perfect day would be to lie on the couch all day and crochet while wearing this sweater on a snowy or rainy day. Today, however, I’ve decided to pair it with a thrifted hat and black Diesel jeans. While I can’t veg all day, at least I can bring some of the comfort I love outside.

Heading out into the cold doesn't seem so bad in a sweater like this...

Now that I have an all-time favorite sweater, you’d think I could stop searching the cardigans at Goodwill, right? Hardly! I need more – especially one in a beige or dark green. If you find one at your local Goodwill, let me know in our comments, on Facebook or on Twitter! – or, if you’re clever, snatch it up and keep it for yourself!

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