Blue for You: Monochromatic Goodwill, Part 2

Blue? Turn that frown upside down with a peacock-hued palette head-to-toe! GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan, author of Colors, etc., donned rose-colored threads last week in his monochromatic post, but this week, he’s dug deep into that thrift-filled closet only to come up blue. Don’t fear, though – this kind of blue is nothing but cheerful. Check it out and get inspired to add a few more blue notes to your Must-Find Thrift List this new year:

I'm Blue!

When I was kid, I torn between green and blue as my absolute favorite color. For some reason, making this decision was very important to me. Expressing my devotion to one or the other, it seems, cemented certain personality traits.

Blue was creative, fluid and free, while green was calm, instinctive and introverted. I was torn because I was, and am, all of these things. While many childhood nighttime thoughts were spent mulling over my decision, unfortunately I didn’t make one. I love both too much!

Blue makes me happy - and so does this hat! 🙂

Nevertheless, today I’m spending time with Blue. Just the shoes and scarf are thrifted, but everything else was gotten on sale. My cousin gave me the brown hat a few years ago and while it’s a bit beat up and pilling all over the place, I just can’t seem to part with it. I’m often caught tying the two ear flaps up over my head, which makes me look completely ridiculous, but I love it! The scarf is one of my absolute favorites, too. It’s so Scandinavian-chic, and the colors are electric yet at the same time traditional: a perfect combination.

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