One Fan’s Fantastic Goodwill Finds in 2010: Goodwill Huntingg with Stacey Kay Thomas

2011’s a lucky year already! We asked you to send us your picks for top Goodwill find in 2010, and we were floored by the finds. However, one fan’s email stood out as especially eye-catching. Why? Because FIVE great finds are better than one! We hope you enjoy this post by Goodwill Huntingg author & Goodwill Style Icon Stacey Kay Thomas about her year of sweet secondhand success:

The fantastic Stacey Kay Thomas takes a look at last year's great Goodwill finds...

As the new year transitions into full swing, many of us begin to look back on the past year and reminisce about fond memories. As fashionistas, many of us are taking this opportunity to reflect on past fashion successes as well as failures. In the spirit of the new year, I would like to share my favorite Goodwill clothing finds, in hopes to encourage you all to thrift your local Goodwill store for those countless pieces that will undoubtedly create fantastic outfits. Enjoy!

Great Goodwill Find #1: Christian Dior Blazer

1) Christian Dior Blazer: Found at one of my frequent Goodwill haunts, I was more than overjoyed to discover this size 12 Christian Dior blazer gracing the racks. Paired with my thrifted H&M black stripe pants, thrifted menswear oxfords, a fedora, and a flouncy blouse, it was all about androgynous in 2010.

Great Goodwill Find #2: Turquoise Vintage Printed Dress

2) Turqoise Vintage Printed Dress: Hand sewn, this amazing sheath dress was a spectacular find at my local Goodwill. I actually found two of these little numbers, one in turquoise and one in gray, and they look great paired with sheer stockings, boots, and a head wrap.

Great Goodwill Find #3: 1970's Ruffled Dress

3) 1970’s Ruffled Dress: This fabulous, brightly colored ruffled dress was a gem among the racks of my local Goodwill. The colors were absolutely amazing, and I loved the 1970’s flare of the silhouette. A statement all its own, I complemented the colors with yellow pumps and a head scarf.

Great Goodwill Find #4: Orange Romper

4) Orange Romper: With the one piece romper trend in full swing this past summer, I was ecstatic to find this vintage romper in this unique shade of orange at my local thrift. With bohemian detailing at the hems, I loved the vibe this romper created, and took pride in the fact that it cost less than $5 when the majority of my friends were purchasing much higher priced newer items at regular stores. A great example of how to mimic current trends with finds from local Goodwill.

Great Goodwill Find #5: Floral Full Skirt and Bustier

5) Floral Full Skirt and Bustier: Another homemade garment thrifted from Goodwill, this 2 piece set was a great find at one of the new Goodwill stores I began frequenting after my move. The silhouette was lovely with my body type, and the colors and pattern were absolutely perfect for the season. This find came at just the right time – as Marc Jacobs had just released an entire collection of similar garments for the Louis Vuitton fall runway show.

To wrap things up, I have included a Top 5 List of What I’ll be “Goodwill Huntingg” for in 2011:

  1. Ponchos
  2. Bell-bottoms
  3. Mid Calf Length Patterned Skirts
  4. Corduroys
  5. Platform High Heeled Shoes

What were your top finds from 2010? And what’s on your Must-Thrift list for 2011? Comment below, share on the A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj Facebook Page or send a tweet to @GoodwillNyNj. Happy Goodwill Huntingg!

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