One Color Wonder: Monochromatic Goodwill

What’s the nicest color you know? GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan outlines the difference between complementary colors (based on the color wheel) and complimentary colors (based on how flattering they really are) – and then he dressed head to toe in one of his favorite congenial shades. Take a look at how to thrift monochromatically and bring happy color vibes into your next outfit:

Sorry for the wrinkles! I couldn't find an iron in the same color 😉

I have always been a fan of the complimentary color. Unlike the complementary color (which is the color across the color wheel from another color), the complimentary color is known for its near universal niceness. This is a color, like grey or yellow, that really goes well with almost every other color, albeit at times unexpectedly.

My aesthetic has always been about unusual color and texture pairings, but recently I’ve been interested in a color concept of a different kind: Monochrome. Monochrome is essentially the same color throughout. While perhaps initially perceived as boring, slight variations of the same color can make a monochrome outfit very interesting.

In my outfit featured above, for instance, shades of red and pink are the dominate color throughout, yet different hues add a layer of style. I foresee more monochrome outfits in my future, and already have a few mulling around in my head for Spring. I mentioned in a previous post that I’m leaning toward more earth tones, too, like brown and dark greens. I love varying shades of browns, so am excited to play around with that.

Red scarf + Red shirt = A Nice Combination

The next time you are at Goodwill, try find pieces with a similar color scheme. Mix dark hues with light hues, or even faded color with their richer counterpart. Mix different patterns with the same color scheme, as well. You might be surprised at the outcome! Please share those outcomes with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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