Loosen Up, Mister: How to Rock the Secondhand Tie

Fit to be tied? GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan shows you how to throw stuffy old style out the corner office window and embrace a whole new wardrobe of snazzy secondhand ties. Take a look:

Some of my ties!

I don’t wear ties as often as I use to, but I still really love them. I have a pretty big collection of ties, almost all purchased from various thrift stores. I generally prefer those made out of a cotton or polyester blend, as they are much stiffer, and I absolutely love diagonal striped ones, or ones with a floral 70s print.

Outside of a formal suit, ties can be a bit tricky to wear, but with a few guidelines to keep in mind, ties can be a great accessory to a fun and casual outfit. Here are the guidelines that I like to follow:

More ties!

1.)  Loosen it up. If you’re not wearing a tie with a formal suit, don’t wear the tie too close to your neck, especially with jeans. Loosen it up for a more relaxed look, and unbutton the top buttons of your shirt.

2.)  Keep it untucked. For a casual look, your shirt needn’t be tucked in. Let it hang out! Think of how you feel when leaving the office for the day. For a great casual outfit with a tie, that is a great reference to remember.

3.)  Get bold. Scour your nearest Goodwill for ties of all textures, sizes and prints, including knitted ones and skinny ties. Play around with color! Your tie can be the defining look in your outfit. Make it eye-catching!

A past outfit with one of my favorite ties. I love this look!

Have you found an amazing tie from Goodwill? Share it with us on Twitter or Facebook!

3 thoughts on “Loosen Up, Mister: How to Rock the Secondhand Tie

  1. Sandy says:

    Hello, My goodwill that I go to here in AZ, always has an amazing stash of wonderful ties, sometimes brand new with the store tags on them & also a lot of 100% pure silk ties. I make eye glass cases out of some of them & craft with the rest or give them to my brother’s and my son’s. i love the goodwill. Happy shopping on your ties


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