NBC Nightly News: Making a Difference at Goodwill

Did you spot Goodwill on the nightly news this weekend? We were there! NBC Nightly News showcased our Paramus Goodwill store as an example of where smart Americans are learning to go back to basics and save money. To view the NBC Nightly News Segment,  just CLICK HERE.

NBC Nightly News spotlights the Paramus Goodwill as a key destination for the new, wiser American shopper.

We’ve seen an 11% increase in sales in the past year, and a good deal of that has to do with smarter spending habits – sales which in turn go back to supporting Goodwill programs in your community. Our success depends on you, so well done, you smart shoppers – keep up the good work and keep Goodwill going strong!

To find the Goodwill nearest you, check out our Guide to GoodwillNyNj – and to stay in the loop as to upcoming Goodwill sales, events and donation drives, come find us on Facebook and Twitter. Hope to see you soon!

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