Dream On: Goodwill Finds as Comfy as Your Comforter

Wish you could just stay in bed some mornings? GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan understands. While you can’t take your snuggie to the board room (at least we can’t…), a comfy-as-a-comforter thrift find might just be the next best thing:

Seeking shelter from the everyday storm...

School makes me want to crawl into a hole and not come out. Each morning, I wish my bed could somehow magically appear in my classes — with me in it. I don’t want to get up! Luckily, I found this super-warm coat from a thrift store that makes it seem as if I never left my cozy covers.


My Coat-Bed in action.

It’s lined with fake fur with a large hood, but it’s also well-tailored for me, making it appear as if I look somewhat fashionable even in my half-sleep stupor. Judging from the style and logo (it’s from a New York company called Casualcraft), my best guess is that it is from the Fifties or Sixties, but whoever had it first really took good care of it!

See how lush? It's practically a blanket!

Today I paired it with purple corduroys, a burnt orange sweater with a grey thermal underneath. This outfit really didn’t come with much thought, but I do like the outcome. The color combination is perfect for Fall, which New York is displaying gloriously.

On the outside, I'm all business; on the inside, well, Zzzzzz....

While I can’t stay in bed all day, a comfy coat and a warm color palette certainly provides helps me feel like I am throughout the day 🙂

What is your most comfy Goodwill find? Share your fav in the comments here, on our Facebook or over on Twitter. And til then, keep living the dream, Goodwill fans!

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