Classic Gems at Goodwill Prices: Elegant Looks by a Lady Who Knows

Ever notice how a single accessory can make a look? Last week our newest columnist Lauren found the finishing touch for her Halloween costume at the Astoria Steinway Store. This week, though, she’s hoping for something more high-class than cauldrons. One trip to Brooklyn’s Fulton Street Goodwill, and she’s on her way with the perfect ladylike find. Check it out:

A classic clutch in tan leather is the perfect partner for almost any ensemble.

Read on for all her Goodwill finds, savvy society girl-style:

A classic clutch is a wardrobe must. Nothing says “style statement” quite like a beautiful handbag. Any accessory can make a world of difference when you’re finishing an outfit, but the perfect purse can really carry your look from everyday to over-the-top class. This clutch (this week’s fabulous find) could make any girl look ready for everything from a sophisticated daytime outing to a swanky affair in the time it takes to snap her fingers… or the sweet little clasp at the top of this bag!

A simple clasp and metallic detailing made choosing this clutch a snap!

When you find something this chic and versatile at your local Goodwill, you know the gods of good style are smiling down on you. I found this simply stylish little tan clutch at the Brooklyn Fulton Street Goodwill with an almost overwhelming amount of amazing finds. The store on Fulton Street, right off the Franklin Avenue A/C subway stop, had an especially good stock of accessories (warning: I can promise you now that you will hear of finds from this location again, and again, and again).

This purse is the perfect size to hold your basics, but sleek enough to look good doing it, no matter where you’re going. The slim gold chain tucked inside means that, if you tire of actually clutching this classy clutch night after night, you can throw the bag over your shoulder at a moment’s notice.

Though this bag looks small, it holds all the items you need for a special night out, and the chain makes it an even more versatile and useful style staple.

A plethora of pairing options. For dressier occasions, pair this simple, neutral clutch with a bright cocktail frock in an equally classic cut. This flowing, knee-length green number can be worn for almost any special occasion – think weddings, work events or date night – and paired with this clutch and a pair of nude or metallic platforms, would make the perfect ensemble.

A dress in a flattering cut and color is an excellent choice to pair with this classic outfit gem.

For less fancy (but equally fun) occasions, pair a bag like this with a boldly patterned top. A blouse like this floral, transparent piece calls for a toned down and yet lovely and ladylike purse. You can put an unadorned purse like this with almost anything in your wardrobe, but its subtle style will stand out even more when put next to brighter, bolder pieces like this one.

Put a bag as soft in texture and color as this one together with big, bright prints to achieve a luxurious-looking mix of ladylike pieces.

Have you found a Goodwill outfit gem perfect for your inner society girl? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Stay classy, New York & New Jersey!

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