Goodwill Gems: The Halloween Hunt

Ever notice how a single accessory can make a look? Those final touches take an outfit from cool enough to stand-out signature style. So where can you find an “outfit gem”? Meet Lauren, our newest columnist. This thrifty fashion babe has pledged her time to hunting down outfit gems at Goodwills throughout NY and NJ. This week, she finds a little black magic in the Astoria Steinway Store. Click “Read More…” below and find out just what this portends for her uncanny fashion sense:

With Halloween around the corner, Outfit-Gem Lauren set her sights on an even more magical find than usual: this wicked little witch’s hat.


Hi there! Sometimes the most difficult part of putting together the perfect look, but often also the most fun, accessorizing an ensemble can be a tricky task on a tight budget. But never fear! I like to think of myself of a connoisseur of budget-friendly shops and the best places to stumble across thrifty, yet fabulous, finds, so I am thrilled to working on this new column for the Goodwill blog!

Each week, I’ll take on a different Goodwill location and search for the best it has to offer me (and so, of course, you) in accessories. I’ll take my new finds – whether they be funky jewelry, a statement handbag or a killer pair of boots – and show you how to throw them together with some basic pieces to create a fashion-forward ensemble on the cheap (though we can keep the “cheap” part just between you and me).

Make it or break it. So what is this week’s find? Halloween themed, as the season demanded it be, and a piece that will completely make my costume this year. Halloween in New York and New Jersey is a pretty big deal. With all the parties, parades and other fun Halloween happenings, it’s easy to get caught up in the madness and think you have to spend a lot to create the perfect costume, but it’s just not true!

Finding unique accessories here and there gives your costume a more creative feel than just purchasing something pre-made at the nearest pop-up shop, and thrifting at your local Goodwill store is a great way to make sure you have all the proper pieces to create a spooky and spectacular costume with your own creative touch.

I found this fabulous witch’s hat at Goodwill’s Steinway Store in Astoria, Queens. In the heart of Astoria’s Steinway shopping neighborhood, this Goodwill store is easy to get to and impressively well stocked. In a store overflowing with funky finds, it may take some time to go through all the great and diverse pieces you could use to accessorize an outfit (or in this case, costume), but that also means that you end up with a larger selection of accessories to search through and choose from. I couldn’t believe it when I stumbled across this hat! This one piece is really a whole costume on its own, and after coming across such a great find, it will be a cinch to pull the rest of my Halloween look together.

An all black ensemble is easy to put together, and topped with this fantastic hat, makes an excellent witch costume.

How to wear it. I plan to throw on a mix of fun, funky black pieces to make this easy, DIY costume come together. If you have a witch hat lying around at home from previous years (or if, like me, you just happened to get lucky at your local Goodwill), you’ve already got the biggest part of your ensemble. Pulling an eclectic bunch of black clothes from your closet is a simple (and free!) way to turn your basics into an unbelievably cute and comfy costume. I chose to put it on here with a few layered black tanks, a satiny black skirt, fishnet tights and some buttoned up black booties.

This look is easy to layer with a black blazer or sweater if the 31st turns out to be a chilly night (always possible in NYC), and you can always swap out the fishnets for fleecy leggings if the day turns out especially cold. Add your own dark, smoky makeup to this look for the last spooky touch.

Have you found a Goodwill outfit gem perfect for Halloween? Tell me about it in the comments here, share a photo on our Facebook page or send @GoodwillNyNj a tweet. GoodwillNyNj & I love seeing your style, so keep us posted! Happy Halloween!

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