DIY Halloween: 10 Ideas from Goodwill

This Halloween, spend less and create more! All you need is a little imagination to find the elements you need to create a unique costume at Goodwill.  Here are ten easy ideas to build a costume at Goodwill:

Mosey on into Goodwill for great do-it-yourself Halloween costumes, partner!

1. Cowboy – Find jeans, a plaid shirt, a vest, a bandana and a hat, and you’ll be ready for the open range.

2. Greek God or Goddess – Pick up a sheet to wear as a toga, grab some artificial leaves to make a headdress, and add a pair of sandals to complete the look.

3. Princess – Find a full skirt or ball gown, add a tiara, and you’ll be ready for the ball.

4. Charlie Brown – Grab a yellow t-shirt and draw or sew the zig-zag print. Pair this with black shorts, and the look will be complete.

5. School Nerd – Find a pair of tight jeans and roll up the pant legs. Add a white shirt, pocket protector and heavy-rimmed glasses. Carry an apple to become the teacher’s pet.

6. Witch – Start with black pants and a shirt, or a black dress. Put on your witch’s hat and grab your broom for some high-flying fun.

7. Traffic light – Start with a black sweat suit. Cut three circles of red, yellow and green fabric or felt. Glue these onto your outfit and get ready to stop traffic.

8. Skunk – Glue or sew a white strip of fabric or fake fur to the back of a black sweat suit or a black dress and get ready to prowl for your sweets.

9. Crayon – Find a solid-colored sweat suit. Paint or use a magic marker to print the word, “crayon” in large black letters down the length of the suit. Going with the same color scheme, create a pointed hat in the same color. Team up with friends to create a rainbow.

10. Fisherman – Find boots, a yellow slicker or vest, jeans, a shirt, and suspenders, and accessorize with a fishing pole. Add a hat adorned with flies to complete the look.

And no matter if you’re a Fisherman or a Cowboy, you’re also a gosh-darn good person too. Why? Because revenues from purchases at Goodwill stores fund programs for people with disabilities, those who lack education or work experience, and others facing challenges to finding employment. Goodwill channels 83 percent of its revenues into employment programs that benefit hundreds of thousands of people each year.

Happy Halloween!


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