Boo! Goodwill’s Got Halloween in the Bag

The best way to secure a killer Halloween costume is to start looking early. While we love homemade Halloween costumes pulled from thrift finds, there’s also something amazing about unzipping a plastic bag and becoming Superman. If you do decide to go the store-made costume route, start your search at Goodwill. We have a ton of options for you – here’s a look at the costumes we recently found while haunting our new New Rochelle store:

Why so serious, Goodwill shopper? Our prices alone will make you smile like the Joker. Just go easy on the lipstick next time...

From Batman’s nemesis to slinky demon witches, we found a good dose of bad guys in our New Rochelle store. But if you’re not looking to scare the wee ones this year, here’s the other side of the spectrum:

Fight evil for only $7.99. This superhero costume costs less than a 10-spot - talk about Wonderful!

Each Goodwill store has its own unique selection, so be sure to visit as many as you can. When you buy your Halloween costume at Goodwill, you support our workforce development services, our local programs, the Donation Movement, and reusability as a whole – plus you save a whole wad of cash. And you know what a whole wad of cash can buy you? Halloween candy!

To find a Goodwill in your area, check out our Guide to GoodwillNyNj or our official website. Happy Halloween, Goodwill fans!

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