Getting Loose: When Comfort’s in Style

Good news, crafty readers: we’ll be featuring a weekly column by GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan all about secondhand fashion and DIY style. This week: loosening up your style to fit your lifeEnjoy!

A thrifted scarf, borrowed shirt, thrifted pants and thrifted shoes make for a super-loose and comfy outfit!

From childhood to adulthood, what pieces of clothing did you absolutely “have to have?” How many morning moments were spent cultivating the best outfit? What were the pieces of clothing that you felt the best in? It is amazing how one’s style develops over the years.

I’ve been through distinct semi-punk and Harlem Renaissance phases, had a brief period where I wore ties every single day, and even had one year in Middle School where I swore that there were only two shirts in my closet, which were both plaid, that looked good on me. Clothes are strong reflections of personal development, and of course our preferences change as we change and as life simply happens.

I’m pretty much knee-deep in adulthood at the moment, and working through all of the unforeseen responsibilities that come with it (why aren’t their Adult Survival classes in high school?). While fashion is still a vital part of my life, past moments peacefully spent finding the perfect outfit for the day, or long afternoons going shopping with friends are replaced by rushed mornings throwing on the nearest, semi-clean clothes and shopping days that are getting fewer and far between with each coming year. Still, rather than be disappointed at my new fashion state, the best thing to do is adapt.

My favorite scarf ever!

These days, I’m opting for looser, simpler garments with a single accessory. Comfort has slightly taken the lead over style (but not by much) as my days are now spent traveling from class to class, then to work, then to the library then to work again.My Fall wardrobe will pretty much consist of super long button-downscuffed pants and wide scarves. It still has the dramatic, fun flair I love, but relaxed and easy to wear. I’m also opting for a more relaxed color palette, like burgundiesdeep golds and greys.

If you find yourself pressed for time this Fall, the best thing to do is not stress about what to wear. Style never leaves you. Narrow your wardrobe down to only the pieces you absolutely love to ensure that anything you quickly grab will look and feel great. Focus on pieces that don’t require too much preparation, and simplify your accessory collection to a few staple pieces.

It’s been actually great just throwing on clothes and leaving the house. The occasional wrinkle is perfectly fine 🙂

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