Wear What Fits – and Donate the Rest!

What a scene! We had the best time at the Wear What Fits event today at Bryant Park. One thousand pairs of Levi’s® Curve ID jeans were given out to fans and thousands of lightly used items were collected for Goodwill. The lines were long, but the attitudes couldn’t have been better. Everyone was in a great mood – guess that’s what giving back can do!

People started lining up as early as 6:45 this morning, all for a chance to donate to Goodwill & score a pair of new Levi’s jeans.

With Goodwill’s Martha Gotwals and Walter Reyes manning our big blue crate, the donations just kept piling up.

#11th and #12th in line, Annie Tan and Gina Danza came from Chinatown and East Brunswick, NJ to donate their no-longer-neededs & score some new jeans. They’d been there since 7:30am and were as cheerful as the sun itself. Now that’s the Goodwill spirit!

Brooklyn represented with this gorgeous crowd from the Brooklyn Heights/Prospect Heights area. Pauline was especially keen on making the Goodwill event – a big fan of both Janelle Monáe and thrift stores, she was pretty pleased to see her two favs come together in the heart of NYC. All four girls, by the way, are frequent visitors to the Goodwill Livingston Street Store in Brooklyn, browsing the racks at least once a month.

Just a peek at the reams of donations we collected today. Be sure to stop by A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj’s Facebook Fan Page next week for the full photo album.

Were you at the event? Tell us! Just post a comment on this blog, over on our Facebook Page, or on Twitter. Hope to hear from you!


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