‘Living Fly on a Dime’ at Goodwill

The ever-inspiring blog Living Fly on a Dime stopped by the new Paramus Goodwill this past weekend and showed off a few amazing finds. We don’t want to spoil the post for you, but we couldn’t help but share our favorite photo of style writer Patrice J. Williams with a definite Goodwill treasure:

Patrice snagged this retro cool painting for $15 - pretty sweet, don't you think?

Patrice also found a ton of Rodarte, Zac Posen and Jean Paul Gaultier for Target pieces (many so new they were still bearing price tags), a party-perfect azure blue tea set, long gold necklaces from Ann Taylor LOFT, and even a pair of vintage roller skates. But it’s far more fun scrolling through the pictures than reading our words, so head on over to Living Fly on a Dime and enjoy!

If Patrice’s luck inspires your own Greater New York or Northern New Jersey Goodwill run, we’d love to see your finds! Just post ’em below, on our Facebook page or tweet us over on Twitter. Hope to hear from you soon – and happy thrifting!

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