Goodwill & Distressed Chic: Inspiration from Inspiration

Good news, dear gentlemen readers: we’ll be featuring a weekly column by GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan all about secondhand fashion and DIY style. This week: creating a little closet chaos and a whole new look, “Distressed-Chic.” Enjoy!

Holes in a t-shirt? Go for it.

Ever since I had the idea to put holes in a thrifted tank top for a previous Goodwill post, I ‘ve pretty much been on a mission to destroy each and every one of my t-shirts. I’ve poked holes in at least three perfectly good t-shirts, two of which were expensive, name-brand ones (like the one above). I was never really an avid t-shirt wearer to begin with, but for some reason looking like I was attacked by moths or I stuck on a desert island for days is appealing to me. I’ve begun to make designs on the shirts with the holes, instead of randomly putting them all over.

A thrifted, holed-up tee, and a handmade necklace made from thrifted beads.

I recently paired up a now-holed up tee with a huge bag I found from the thrift store. Unfortunately, the strap broke, but my friend inspired me to wear it anyway. Is it weird to now call it a ‘Man Clutch?’ — I’m sure a ‘Murse’ is no better 🙂

Me, looking surprisingly quite somber, with my McClutch (I like that term better).

I also wore my other hole-y tee (in the pic above) with a thrifted bag and thrifted shoes. Instead of a Grunge-inspired look, as in my previous post, it could now be called ‘Distressed-Chic.’ What do you think?

Is this look 'distressed-chic'?

In a tutorial I read a while ago, someone took a moth-bitten cardigan and embroidered each of the holes to create a pretty cool design. On a particularly ambitious day, I think I may try that. What are some other ways do you think I could take this hole concept further?

See more of these holed-up looks on my blog, here and here. If you go decide to create your own “distressed chic” style, be sure to post your pics on the A Good Look by GoodwillNyNj Facebook Page. Hope to see your style soon!

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