Goodwill and BurdaStyle: Boutique You

Want to play dress up? We’ve been reading The New York Times’ Style Section (love it!) & guess which one of our favorite dress-up underdogs is finally getting some attention: the bow tie!

This New York Times' pic shows off the big-wigs' bow ties at this years Oscars. We bet they spend hundreds on the little things. You can snag the look for so much less with your sewing machine & Goodwill, Boutique You style!

This simple pattern by BurdaStyle gives you all the know-how you’ll need to be a Dapper Dan (or Dana) at your next soiree. As for the material, head to Goodwill! Here’s a list of Goodwill stores in your area to get you thismuchcloser to bow tie bliss.

Here's a blue baby by BurdaStyle member Jefita - she created a flock of them for a pub crawl. From dive bars to cocktail dens, you'll be socializing in style with your bow tie on!

The best part is: you can make your bow tie out of nearly anything, some come browse our racks for the leopard print, tangerine plaid, or demure houndstooth of your dress-up dreams!

With Goodwill and BurdaStyle helping you out with Boutique You, you (and your bow tie) will be front page of The New York Times’ Style Section in no time. After all, you how know paparazzi love a pub crawl…

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