The Clutter Hunters Contest!

Happy Monday! Wouldn’t it be happier with a clean closet & $50 gift certificate to Goodwill? Of course! Then get in on the GoodwillNyNj Clutter Hunter action!

In A Good Look‘s new video series The Clutter Hunters: Hunting Down Goodwill Donations One Closet at a Time, our host Sasha fearlessly tackles good closets gone bad using only her organizing know-how and her basic DSLR digital camera. This week’s focus? The New Mama’s Closet!

Meet Candice - and get ready to meet this new mama's crazy cluttered closet!

Candice is the proud single mama of a beautiful 2-year old girl – and 2 years of closet-clogging clutter. Here, our host Sasha takes on the wild wardrobe, finding which clothes fit Candice’s new role as Hot Mama and which clothes are better off going to Goodwill.

But what about the gift certificate, you ask? Well – it’s yours for the taking!:

Submit your own Clutter Hunting video using a DSLR, Flip, webcam, or cell phone by 11:59pm EST on Friday, May 28th and you could win a $50 or $25 Goodwill gift certificate!

To participate, post your movie’s link on our Facebook Fan Page showing us what you’ll be donating from your closet. You’d better hurry, too – the first 10 video submissions posted on our Facebook Fan Page win a $5 Goodwill gift certificate! Good luck!

*All 12 of the Clutter Hunters’ gift certificates will be awarded on Sunday, May 30th. These gift certificates are valid for use only at the Goodwill Chelsea Store in Manhattan from May 30, 2010 through June 30, 2010. More details will be posted on A Good Look as the date nears.

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