Accessorize It!

Good news, dear gentlemen readers: we’ll be featuring a weekly column by GoodwillNyNj Style Icon David Morgan all about secondhand fashion for men. This week: making accessories the main event. Enjoy!

This photo is an example of how different accessories found at Goodwill can create an entirely new look with the same outfit!

Need an inexpensive way to spruce up an average outfit? Goodwill is a goldmine for accessories, and your go-to for a cheap wardrobe upgrade! Many people think I have a lot of clothes, but the reality is that I have a lot of accessories.

I own dozens of scarves, hats and bags just so I won’t have to spend a lot of money on too many clothes, or think of too many outfits throughout the week. We all have our favorite pairs of jeans or our favorite tee, and the beauty of accessories is that they give the illusion that these faves are new each time you wear them!

My scarves and ties collection... Nearly everything was thrifted!

Accessories add personality to boring office attire, and a little zing to evening wear. The best part is that it’s completely optional. You can easily take off a scarf or hat as your mood changes throughout the day. Here are my tips for finding the perfect accessories at Goodwill:

  • Get colorful! Accessories are the perfect way to bring some color into your wardrobe. If you typically stick to neutrals in your staple pieces, try not to do the same with your optional ones.
  • Remember the season. If it’s summertime, I wouldn’t recommend wearing a wool scarf, nor would I opt for a silk one in the winter. Change your accessories as the seasons change. The warmer it is, the lighter your fabric choices should be.
  • Don’t worry about finding specific colors or pieces, or even coordinating your accessories with a specific outfit. Just focus on what looks cool to you the moment you see it. Accessories are a wonderful way to bring a bit of the unexpected into any look.
  • Think of your assets. Like clothes, accessories are great for accentuating your best features! Grab a tie that matches the color of your eyes, or pick up a pair of glasses that compliment your facial structure (round frames are great for square heads, square frames are awesome for round heads). Let a few accessories emphasize the best you!
  • If bag-hunting, remember the luggage section. I’m a huge fan of luggage-wear as everyday-wear. Small, vintage travel bags are perfect for carrying your books, wallet and miscellanea, and are often very durable for long-lasting use. I like to call them “statement bags” because they’re big enough to add flavor to any outfit.
  • Don’t forget the jewelry. The best place to find one-of-a-kind jewelry is at the Goodwill. Grab pins to personalize a tote bag, and don’t forget classic accessories like brooches or wrist cuffs. They’re small additions that can brighten your day. Like anything in life, it’s all in the details!

My accessory collection is a testament to my inspirations, whether it is Edie Beale from Grey Gardens, jazz musican Miles Davis or the cool cats of the Harlem Renaissance. I would have never explored these looks had it not been for my nearest Goodwill. Your accessory collection should reflect your inspiration too, and your neighborhood Goodwill is the perfect place to find it!

What’s your favorite accessory you own? I’d love to know!

My bag collection, courtesy of secondhand stores!

Share your fav accessory thoughts; come tweet to us on Twitter and post on our Facebook Fan Page, and teach us a thing or two about pocket squares and bolo ties.

Now that you’ve got your accessorizing down pat, get out there and get looking good with Goodwill, gentlemen!


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