Style Icon Interview: Fashion Writer Felicia Walker Benson

We hope you enjoyed Part One of GoodwillNyNj’s Style Icon Interview with Felicia Walker Benson! As Editor in Chief for the popular fashion-lifestyle blog ThisThatBeauty, Beauty Expert for, New York Correspondent for The Makeup Girl and a contributing writer for and, Felicia has perfected the art of personal style while keeping it real for thousands of beauty lovers.

Beauty Expert, Style/Beauty Blogger & GoodwillNyNj Style Icon, Felicia Walker Benson

In this second half, Felicia shares how to have magazine style without massive price tags, how to  use your beauty cabinet to compliment your closet, and, for all those future Style Icons out there, how to break into the big bad world of fashion journalism.

So now, without further ado, please enjoy Part Two of our latest GoodwillNyNj Style Icon interview:

We love the challenge of looking good without spending reams of dough – what little style tricks can make a $20 outfit look like a Vogue fashion spread?

A great necklace (think statement piece) can work wonders in your life. It can transform a basic black dress or crisp white shirt and jeans into something spectacular and on trend!

And for makeup? It seems all the big designers accentuate their fashion creations with specific makeup looks…

Makeup is a great investment if you have $20 to spare. My advice is to research your favorite beauty blogs and traditional magazines to get a sense of current trends and inspiration. Next, think about the best way to tailor said trends to match your personal aesthetic. Then dig in the crates (by “crates” I mean your current makeup stash). Take stock of the products that you currently own.

Think creatively about how you can use your current stash to create trend influenced looks. Next assess your “gaps”. What’s missing? What one or two key products are you missing in order to create a makeup look that is fresh and modern? Once you’ve properly assessed your “gaps”, THEN you can take a field trip to your local mass market drugstore and get your shop on (TIP:Coordinate your trip with a Buy One Get One promotion). By researching trends, tailoring to suit your taste, and then assessing the key pieces you need to complete your look….you are able to strategically spend your $20 on items that will deliver maximum impact/ ROI.

Now, of course we can’t ask you about trends without bringing up the actual clothes themselves…

My advice for incorporating the season’s hottest fashion trends is very similar to my advice for makeup. Research trends, tailor to your specific style, take stock of what you own, then fill in the gaps with a few strategic pieces that update your look.

We like your focused approach! Speaking of goal-orientated style, what advice do you have for young men and women who dream of becoming fashion writers, but can’t wrangle tickets to fashion shows or afford each season’s designer items?

My first piece of advice (and I hope Nike doesn’t come after me for copyright infringement) is to “JUST DO IT”. You don’t need an invitation to fashion week to write what lives in within. If writing about fashion is your passion, there’s nothing stopping you but you. Information is abound. Start a blog. Begin networking. Join organizations/ groups that support your interests.  As for attending actual shows…if you’ve got “Internet”, you’ve got a ticket to Fashion Week as most shows are livestreamed these days.

Add to your must-read blog list & see how much more beautiful life can be!

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