Sweater Vest Tuesday Lives On

We are a sucker for creative ideas that promote secondhand clothing in a light-hearted way. So maybe that helps explain why we’ve been keeping tabs on Sweater Vest Tuesday – a weekly celebration an item easily found at your local Goodwill.

Now we posted on the group a few weeks back, thinking it was an annual occurrence. Well, faux pas on us! It’s a weekly event, and they’ve been keeping their Tumblr page up-to-date with some great fan photos. Here are a few of our favorite photos from celebrants in the New York & New Jersey area:

"Mike in Erial, NJ bringing the powers of the sweater vest to sub at Paul VI. Thanks for the wake up text at 7:03am. It certainly made my morning…" sweatervesttuesday.tumblr.com

"Lisa in Thornwood, NY. She can’t get enough of those sweater vests. I am waiting on a picture of mother and son… Get on that." sweatervesttuesday.tumblr.com

Remember, Goodwill fans, YOU have the power to bring Sweater Vest Tuesday to your NY-NJ neighborhood. All you need to do is find a vest (easy to do at Goodwill, where most are well under $10), take a photo, and send it on to Mike at MikeDel423@yahoo.com – who, by the way, was born and raised in New York… Coincidence? We think not.

Happy Sweater Vest Tuesday, New York and New Jersey!

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