Mid-Week Mini-Break viii

Happy Christmas Eve! In honor of Santa’s whirlwind sleigh rides every December 24th, we’re taking you on our own lightning speed trip of the country this holiday Thursday – our Mid-Week Mini-Break. Here we’ll show off the the best Goodwill finds on the World Wide Web, to give you a taste of what you’ll find at a Goodwill near you. Hope you enjoy…

…Blog Posts We Really Like This Week!:

Get Your Martha On spotted exactly what she'd spent hours in retail stores looking for - the perfect soup tureen - for $4.99 at her local Goodwill. A Christmas miracle? Nope, it's just your everyday Goodwill good luck!

Get Your Martha On: Yesterday, however, I braved the crowds at Goodwill for a little peek. And I spied a soup tureen from across a sea of used furniture. Yes! Finally! And only $4.99! Can I get another exclamation mark (and an amen), please?!?!?!

Sometimes your favorite find is something you'd never even think to look for. In the Purple House found this vintage children's encyclopedia set from 1947 - full of whimsical rhymes, art & songs, and just $5 for it all.

In the Purple House: I had to go to the Goodwill today, for some raw materials… While I was there, I spotted a big box on the floor. “Children’s encyclopedia $5.” My first thought was “where will I put them?” (I have a bit of a children’s book problem…er…collection.) My next thought was “who cares?…I need them.”

Feel lucky, friends of Ms. Bower - Katie did her Xmas shopping at Goodwill & found some incredible gifts, including this sparkling punch set for $9. So stunning - and so smart!

All Bower Power: Anyone else still shopping for Christmas presents?  …I was totally inspired to shop till I flopped by all the great finds at my local Goodwill store… This punch set comes complete with 12 mini glasses and a serving bowl.  And not only does the $9 price tag tug on my heart strings but the star design that adorns the sides of the slightly square sides really makes this find sparkle.  No entertainer would regift this one!

And don’t forget A Good Look’s online Guides to GoodwillNyNj to find a Goodwill near you! So far, we’ve posted guides to Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. If you live in the Bronx, Staten Island, or anywhere outside the city, we’ve got you covered, too: our official website lists all of GoodwillNyNj’s store locations throughout Greater New York and Northern New Jersey: just click here!

Happy Holidays – and happy holiday shopping!

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