Mid-Week Mini-Break vii

Faster than a speeding reindeer – that’s how fast time flies in the holiday season! Well, take a break from break-neck speed and enjoy our Mid-Week Mini-Break, an overview of the best Goodwill finds we’ve seen blogged about online – and a glimpse at the kind of wonders you’ll find at the Goodwill stores near you. So, without further ado…

…Blog Posts We Really Like This Week:

521 Lake Street went Goodwill hunting and found a ton of holiday decorations for $10 - including these adorable vintage ceramic Christmas lights!

521 Lake Street: Well, after seeing on numerous blogs the great finds people were getting at Goodwill I finally got time to go to two of them, and I really had fun! All of this was 10.00!

On New England Through Yummy Mom's Eyes, blogger Michelle took a peek beyond a book's cover at her local Goodwill store to browse inscriptions, and ended up finding this adorable (and personalized) love book.

New England Through Yummy Mom’s Eyes: You all know I love Goodwill- great for craft projects, kitschy gifts, home decorating… the possibilities are endless. One of my favorite things to do while I am in there is to go through the books. You would not believe what you will find for books, things you would certainly never see in Barnes and Noble or Borders! But, aside from the great variety, I also love to open books up and look at inscriptions…

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