Mid-Week Mini-Break, iv

Just one more day until the holiday weekend begins! Some of your have already boarded your planes, trains and automobiles, but even if you’re having your turkey at home, you too can enjoy a little Thanksgiving travel with our weekly world wide web round-up…

…Blog Posts We Really Like This Week:

Over at Destructoid.com, Goodwill Hunting's writer finds not only a Super Nintendo, but an unmarked mystery game as well. Click more below to read how the drama unfolds...

Destructoid: About two weeks pass and I’m on one of my regular Goodwill visits… I still did not know what this blank cartridge held and so was constantly on the lookout for a Super Nintendo system. I instantly went to the usual videogame section and there it was sitting on the glass counter. Wrapped up in large amounts of packing tape: Two Super Star Wars games, two Controllers (one Nintendo, one Interact), an AC adapter, a RF Switch, and the Super Nintendo console. Stamped on top $25.38. I’m buying it.

Over at FrugalDecorating, Carolyn transformed a piece of art from Goodwill into this classic family sign.

Frugal Decorating: A lot of people have been making personalized signs with their last names on them. One in particular that I LOVE is here. So, she inspired me to make one myself! I picked up this at Goodwill for $2.00… It turned out exactly as I was picturing! Which, honestly, so rarely happens when I do crafts.

The Crab Chronicles: I left there and went to Goodwill… To my happy surprise, I was able to knock out some Christmas shopping. I found a beautiful brown leather overnight bag for Alesia, and two cute sweaters for a friend of mine. The sweaters were Eddie Bauer and looked brand new. They were $4 each. I also got a book and some tins for Christmas goodies, an ornament, a decorative bowl, and something for Mother – all for $24. Can’t beat Goodwill. Everything I got was like new or new, and good quality, too.


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