A Weekend in Washington Heights

Happy Friday! Since we’ve spent the past few weeks telling you more about Goodwill’s Washington Heights store, we thought why not go whole hog here and give you a full day’s plan for visiting the uptown area? We do love ourselves a neighborhood daytrip!

Visiting Goodwill's new & beautiful Washington Heights store is the perfect excuse to explore Washington Heights' historical spots and incredible eats.

Come Saturday and Sunday, head up on to 181st Street store – and check out these amazing neighborhood sights while you’re up there! There’s more to the Heights than just award-winning musicals, you know…

Here’s some NYC trivia to get you chatty as you take the A train up, up, to 175 Street and into Washington Heights: the neighborhood gets its from Fort Washington, built during the American Revolution at Manhattan’s highest elevation point (265 feet above sea level) to keep the British out. In November 1776, the Brits managed to capture the fort and imprisoned a whole lot of New Yorkers in prison ships docked in New York Harbor. So it’s only fitting we go up there and celebrate the fact we won the area back. It’s our patriotic duty, don’t you think? (Not to mention, this neighborhood has amazing food.)

Start your day in Washington Heights with a walk north through Fort Washington Park – and take a trip back in time.  This 518 acre park is as green, lush, and, if you have a sharp eye, full of arrowheads from the Native Americans that used to live here centuries ago.

Once in the park, be sure to seek out the Little Red Lighthouse, sitting just underneath the George Washington Bridge. It shouldn’t be too hard to find, after all… This is the lighthouse in Hildegarde H. Swift and Lynd Ward’s 1942 book The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge and its easy to see why such a little building inspired so many wonderful words.

You can see how this'd be hard to miss!

Stroll through the park and exit out in the 180s. Now that you’ve spent your morning on the Hudson, it’s time to head to that other Manhattan river, the only thing between you and Yankees Stadium, the East River.

Bet your hungry. Well, you’re in luck. Washington Heights is known for its delicious food, a result of Dominicans comprising over 70% of the neighborhood population. Expect contagious music and incredible eats at Tipico Dominicano Restaurant (4172 Broadway at W 177 Street)!

Photo courtesy of Kristen H. on yelp.com.

Now, belly-full and sight-seen, it’s time for some Goodwill shopping! Walk back north on Broadway (an old Indian trading route, did you know?) and it will lead you back up to 181st Street. Make a right on 181st and soon you’ll see it, Goodwill’s great new renovated Washington Heights store!

Come visit us at 181 St., shop for incredible finds, and support the Washington Heights community!

Take a look around – the deals here are amazing. This store is especially strong with holiday decor, so now may be time to pick up that singing Santa you’ve always wanted… With multiple floors of great men’s, women’s and children’s fashions, plus housewares, books, electronics, and trinkets, well, this store is a thrift-shoppers’ paradise. And when you’re done, you just a hop, skip and a jump away from the C train to take you home.

We hope you go out and explore Washington Heights this weekend – and we know you’ll see right away why it’s a community we here at GoodwillNyNj love and support.

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