Time to Shine: A ShopGoodwill Find

Wowie! Look what we found on shopgoodwill.com — this Kieninger Tempus Fugit Arch Mantel Clock could be the perfect piece for your apartment, office, or, shall we suggest, your Freemans-esque speakeasy NYC cocktail bar.

Want to see it up close? Visit www.shopgoodwill.com.

What a beaut!

The beautiful arched mantel clock was made in Germany by the famous Kieninger clock-makers. It features a 17th century design on the clock’s face and is made of oak burnished to a fine sheen. The clock is outfitted with bronze decor, including its handle and feet.

This regal fellow features key wind movement and triple chime for Westminster, St. Michael and Whittington. There are doors to the clock front and the works in the back. The dimensions for the frame are 12″ tall, 9″ wide and 5″ deep.

And, the kicker? The wind up key is, of course, included.

For more images and bidding information, click here. Still, you’d better be mindful of the time — there are only four more days until the online auction closes on September 29th. So stop your dilly-dallying and head on over to shopgoodwill.com today, hmm?


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