Calling All Creative Ghouls, Ghosts and Gossip Girls…

Get ready, pumpkin - it's nearly Halloween!

Get ready, pumpkin - it's nearly Halloween!

Now, now, don’t get a fright – we know you still have more than a month until Halloween rolls around. Still, we’re excited already, and even here and now in September, we’re starting to toy around with a couple of costume ideas.

In this day and age, it’s all too easy to run to the local party store and drop $50-100 on a pre-made costume. And while we, too, value convenience, we value our hard-earned cash too, not to mention the environment (how many faux Sarah Palin glasses are in the landfill now, we wonder?) and creativity.

Call us difficult, but we don’t want to be just another copy of all the other Spooky Halloween Witches, Can-Can Dancers or Starbucks Baristas in the room. It’s like showing up to Senior Prom in the same dress as your nemesis. In other words, it’s no good.

Halloween should be a time of creativity — you’re outsmarting the ghosts and the ghouls, after all, and sneaking in the tiniest bit of trickery every time you manage to saunter off with a treat. That same ingenuity should extend to your costume choice.

With that in mind, we’re calling all clever costumers. Email us at with your costume thoughts. Should we go as the New Power Suit, and dress up in wide shoulder pads and power ties, and throw in a ball and chain? Should we go as Mayor Bloomberg? The Giants? Kanye West? The Hudson River? A Momofuku Pork Bun? And if so, how?

We’d love to know — so send us your thoughts and we’ll share them here later in the month. You know, when Halloween is actually right around the corner.


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